Spring tree painting - 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial

7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial

Watercolor spring tree painting tutorial is an easy way to create designs that matched every season. If you are wondering how to create such dynamic design, then stay with us for we will teach you easy steps for a unique watercolor spring tree painting like a pro.

What are the essential materials for a watercolor spring tree painting even if you are a beginner? Can you create watercolor spring tree painting using a crumpled paper? Are there any fun and easy tips for a successful watercolor painting?

Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial For Beginners

Watercolor painting is such a transparent type of painting medium. Working with your designs are easier because they are water-soluble. When it comes to trying different styles, watercolors are such a versatile painting medium to use with.

Spring tree painting - 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial
Spring tree painting – 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial

Watercolor spring tree painting is easy to make. With transparency and the colors you will use, surely it will yield to a dynamic result. S how do you start working when you are a neophyte?

Learning the unique characteristics of watercolors will help you enhance your skill. Whether working with simple designs, you will get there sooner. As long as you are working and exploring. You can experiment and be seasonal for every design. That way, you are also being flexible too.

Watercolor spring tree painting is as easy as working with pine tree painting. The best part about this tutorial is you can then mixed them together. It can be done with continuous experimentation for fresh colors and ideas.

Before we begin, it is best to prepare all the materials needed. That way, you will just enjoy every process and learn new things in no time. And using the right materials are one of the key factors for successful artwork.

Materials For Watercolor Spring Tree Painting

watercolor painting - 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial
Watercolor painting – 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial

Using the right materials for your watercolor spring tree painting is necessary. There are just a few things that you will need on the list. They are essential for the success of your painting. You might be wondering what are the right materials, they are the most commonly used materials for your watercolor painting.

  • Watercolor paper – using the right weight for your watercolor paper will help absorb the paint and water properly. There are also different types of watercolor paper to choose from. Either you go for the hot press or the cold press. The surface for your paper will also determine the texture of your painting. You can also use ordinary paper but it will buckle when there is water on the surface later on.
  • Watercolors – in pans or palette. As long as you are comfortable to work with any. You can also grab a set of watercolors with all the colors that you might need for your design. Either way, pans or palettes, watercolors have that transparent effects that are best for creating that lovely spring tree paintings.
  • Watercolor paintbrush – checking for a pointed tip type of paintbrush for your watercolor painting has a lot of advantages. you can use this type of paintbrush for emphasizing fine details on your artworks later on. Plus they can also allow you to have a hold of the right amount of paint for your painting surface.
  • Clean water on a jar – you will be using this to wet your paintbrush and rinse off any paint residue left on them as well.
  • Watercolor ideas - 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial
    Watercolor ideas – 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial

    Another non-absorbent paper for your unique design. There are a lot of alternative options for this type of paper that you will use to create designs. This designs will help you make intricate details for your watercolor spring tree painting.

Factors That Affects A Successful Watercolor Spring Tree Painting

There are always factors that affect the results of your watercolor spring tree painting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this always comes every painting sessions. One of them is the surroundings that affect the composition and characteristics of the paints.

The quality of the paint that you are using also affects the overall results.
There is a huge difference between the artist-grade paint and the student grade one. If you are just beginning to venture with the two types of paints, you can both get a few colors with them and see which one works best for you.

It is also a matter of how you can incorporate both paints on your painting surface. And see amazing results even if you are working with student grade paints. The proper techniques and prediction of colors come with exposure to every paint every time. Getting the right experience will help you a lot with your painting journey.

Using the right painting surface is another factor for your watercolors. The ordinary paper will tend to buckle when applied paint into them. On the other hand, if you are working with watercolor paper, you do not need to worry about their absorbency. They are made to stand with waters and paints.

Easy Steps For Watercolor Painting – Spring Tree Designs

Watercolor spring tree painting is an easy process when you already know what to do. That is also best if you know how watercolor reacts, mix and dried. Watercolors are transparent and even become light after drying. So they tend to be lighter by 50% from the paint application when they are still wet. Imagine how light can they be. The best thing about them is, you can add layers of paint when the previous layers are completely dried up.

Spring tree ideas for waterolors - 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial
Spring tree for watercolors – 7 Easy Watercolor Spring Tree Painting Tutorial

Step 1. Start working with the tree trunks of your spring tree painting. Outline it with brown color with a lighter shade. Working with lighter colors first for watercolor is the key trick. The best part? You can always darken the colors when you are almost done with your painting.
Step 2. For this type of painting, you will be using a crumpled paper to do the trick of your spring tree-inspired painting. Try working with the colors that you can see when its springtime first. That will be a combination of the colors from yellow, green and orange. This symbolizes the spring colors for your painting. Dip the crumbled--the non-absorbent paper– into the mixture of paints you have prepared.
Step 3. Dab your crumbled paper with paint into your watercolor paper. Make it a gentle dab on your painting surface. Splat it all over your painting surface. Colors everywhere.
Male a unique and intricate cluster of leaves for your wet surface.
Step 4. You can create at least two types of watercolor spring tree painting ideas. One that is a combination of the first color and the next, about the mixture of red and pink. Do the same process on the first spring tree you created.
Step 5. Once you have done working on your spring trees, allow them to dry completely.
Step 6. Once your painting surface is dry, you can start reworking on the tree branches. To allow you to complete navigation of colors, start off with light brown first and just make it darker afterward.
Step 7. Let the paints be totally dry before working again on adding layers of colors. Do the same process when you start painting. You can see that your painting surface still has lighter colors. Watercolors and really transparent when dried. Don’t hesitate to add a few dabs of the same color on your trees.


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